PreventAGE offers a wide range of breakthrough diagnostic tests for the biomedical community. Our proprietary and patent protected PreventAGE test for caregivers and researchers in the diabetes arena predicts propensity to diabetic complications early in the diabetic disease cycle.  We also provide testing that addresses basic processes of biochemical tissue damage useful to researchers in other fields.


PreventAGE provides precise measurement of advanced glycation and oxidation products for research programs.

The PreventAGE test adds value to pharma trials and other commercial research by offering precision diabetic diagnostic tests useful for stratifying patient groups and further identifying drug efficacy. 

PreventAGE offers clinical testing services to determine individual patient risk of developing diabetic complications early enough in the dissease cycle to allow for effective intervention.

                                    PreventAGE gives patients with diabetes actionable information regarding their complications risk profile. With knowledge of their risk, patients can work with careproviders to change their outcomes.