Company History


PreventAGE Health Care, LLC was established in 2012 with the purpose of providing precise, predictive services to patients, physicians and payers regarding an individual’s risk of developing specific complications associated with diabetes.

The company’s founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Paul Beisswenger, MD, is a practicing endocrinologist who has been caring for patients with diabetes for more than 35 years. In his clinical practice, Dr. Beisswenger’s observations confirmed the recognized fact that certain patients with diabetes progressed rapidly to develop complications (renal, retinal, cardiovascular, neural) while others progressed slowly or not at all. He hypothesized that an individual’s risk of progressing (rapidly, slowly or not at all) could be evaluated by measuring certain biochemical indicators (biomarkers) that are intimately involved with damage and dysfunction at the cellular level. Furthermore, he reasoned that once an individual’s risk has been determined, then a management program specifically tailored to meet that person’s needs can be created. 

The biomarkers that Dr. Beisswenger evaluated were a family of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) and oxidative products. Over the course of ten years, Dr. Beisswenger and his team at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center developed highly sensitive and specific methods to identify and quantify the biomolecules of interest.

The major diagnostic breakthrough came in 2012 when evidence for new biomarkers for prediction of early diabetic nephropathy were confirmed. Based on years of hypothesis-driven innovative research on the role of selective activation of precursor chemical pathways in susceptibility to diabetic complications, Dr. Beisswenger and his team completed studies showing that three specific plasma AGE biomarkers that measure these pathways are significantly higher in biopsy documented rapid diabetic nephropathy progressors (RP) than in slow progressors.

With these findings, Dr. Beisswenger connected with seasoned industry executives and investors to begin building an avenue by which the potential benefits his research could reach the diabetic community. Mark Carvlin, Ph.D, a veteran of the life sciences industry, joined Dr. Beisswenger in 2011 to help create the framework for the company and to run operations. After recruiting a small team of experienced and dedicated professionals, PreventAGE Health Care LLC was incorporated in 2012.

In that same year PreventAGE completed construction of its state-of-the-art laboratory at the Dartmouth Regional Technology Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Over the last two years, the team has used this facility to test samples provided by key collaborators around the world. PreventAGE’s network of collaborators continues to grow, allowing the team access to samples from a broad set of landmark scientific studies.

We are excited about our success to date and foresee continued growth as we provide new predictive tests for a medical care system that will increasingly focus on prevention rather than reactive intervention alone.