Know your risk… change your outcome!

As a person with diabetes, it is likely that one of your major concerns is the possibility of developing complications. Diabetic kidney impairment, which is associated with much higher rates of cardiovascular disease, stroke and blindness, is strongly linked with diabetes. These irreversible complications can pose a much greater risk to your health than diabetes itself. Even more troubling, they often develop silently over time, long before you experience any symptoms. By the time symptoms are apparent, it is often too late to significantly change your outcome, even with more aggressive treatment. The key to staying healthy is preventing complications of diabetes from developing in the first place – but without a crystal ball, how can you know if damage is being done behind the scenes? 

Until now, without the benefit of personalized predictive data, diabetes treatments have been largely reactionary and one-size-fits-all in nature.  As a result, problems such as kidney disease are caught after significant damage has already occurred, when prognoses may be poor, and available treatments to salvage your lost kidney function are not terribly effective. In reality, different patients have different rates of disease progression – from no progression at all, to very rapid progression – and thus they require different types and intensities of therapy from the onset.

Enter PreventAGE Health Care.

PreventAGE promises to be the first company to offer a reliable test that will predict your individual risk of developing diabetic kidney disease– early on, before any clinical evidence or symptoms exist.  

This is a fundamental change from the status quo and will redefine the way diabetes is treated. 

By measuring a set of specific biomarkers in your blood, PreventAGE will provide you and your healthcare provider with the predictive information necessary to make proactive, individualized decisions about your diabetes care. Not unlike the effect the cholesterol test has had on the way heart attacks are prevented, our diagnostic test promises to change the way that diabetes is treated.  This window into the future was never available to the millions who have suffered from diabetes in years past, and will enable you to take action while there is still time to change your outcome. Early aggressive treatment if you are at greatest risk should significantly reduce complications of your disease and the associated suffering, mortality and exorbitant healthcare expense.

You can now have the test performed

PreventAGE Healthcare is now certified to perform clinical blood testing for specific unique biomarkers called Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs) that can predict risk of early diabetic kidney disease.  As part of your test results, we will provide you with an individualized Compass™ (Complications Propensity Assessment) report that will indicate your risk of future kidney disease progression based on our unique database.  This information is intended to be used by you and your health care provider to predict risk, personalize treatments, and above all to improve outcomes. Our objective at PreventAGE is to fundamentally improve your diabetes care and to provide you with the tools to improve your quality of life, health status, and longevity.

How do I order the test?

Please return the completed form to PreventAGE Health Care via one of the following:

By Mail:
PreventAGE Health Care, LLC
Dartmouth Regional Technology Center
16 Cavendish Court
Lebanon, NH 03766 USA

By Email:

By Fax:
FAX: (603) 643-5166

Office phone:  (603) 643-0217

When we receive your request, we will ship a sample collection kit to you, or your healthcare provider, along with instructions on where you can have your blood drawn. We will send you and your healthcare provider a complete report once the test is completed in our laboratory.


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