Know your risk… change your outcome!

As a person with diabetes, one of your major health concerns should be whether or not you will develop complications related to your diabetes. Kidney impairment or failure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, loss of limb, poor wound healing, blindness and many other health issues are all strongly linked to diabetes.

Surprisingly, these irreversible complications can pose a much greater risk to your health than diabetes itself. Even more troubling, they often develop silently over many years and may be present long before you experience any symptoms. In fact, by the time symptoms are apparent, it is often too late to significantly change your health outcomes, even with more aggressive drug treatment and lifestyle changes. 

The key to staying healthy is preventing complications from developing in the first place – but without a crystal ball, how can you know if damage is silently occurring behind the scenes? How do you catch the complications before significant damage takes place and available treatments to reverse or stop it are ineffective?

Enter PreventAGE Health Care

Currently, care providers are unable to predict those who will and will not progress to debilitating complications. As a result, diabetes treatments are one-size-fits-all and do not address lurking problems. But in reality, different patients do have different rates of disease progression – from no progression at all, to very rapid progression – and so require different types and intensities of therapy from the onset of diabetes.

PreventAGE is the first company to offer a reliable test that will predict your individual risk of developing diabetic kidney disease before any clinical evidence or symptoms exist.  

Change your treatment from “one size fits all” to an individualized plan.

During a routine office visit, your local technician will draw blood and send it to PreventAGE’s CLIA certified lab. Once received, PreventAGE will analyze and measure your sample for a specific set of identifying biomarkers, then calculate your risk probability. Armed with this predictive information, you and your healthcare professional can make proactive, individualized decisions about your diabetes care. Just like cholesterol testing is used to prevent heart attacks and affect cardiovascular disease, your PreventAGE diagnostic test promises to change the way your diabetes and potential complications are treated and prevented.  With this window into your future, you can take action while there is still time to change your outcome. If you are at greatest risk, early effective treatment should eliminate or significantly reduce complications of your disease and the associated suffering, mortality and healthcare expense.

You can now have the test performed

PreventAGE Healthcare is fully certified to analyze blood samples for the specific biomarkers that can predict your risk of developing diabetic kidney disease for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  Based on the type of diabetes that you have, your age, the duration of your diabetes and a few health questions factored into our unique databases, we will provide you with an individualized COMPASS™ (Complications Propensity Assessment) report that will clearly show your risk of developing kidney disease. You and your health care provider can use this information to discuss risk, personalize treatments, and above all- improve outcomes. At PreventAGE, we want to help you evaluate your diabetes care and improve your quality of life, health status, and longevity.

How do I order the test?

Once you decide that the PreventAGE test is for you, click below to order a test. Work with your provider to schedule a lab visit to have your blood drawn and shipped to PreventAGE Health Care following the instructions provided. Please note that you must have had diabetes for fifteen years or less and have no clinical evidence of diabetic kidney disease. As soon as we receive your request and payment, we will send a collection kit to you.

At this time, the PreventAGE test is available as private pay only and costs $400 per test including shipping/handling and test analysis. This price does not include the individual blood draw.

Once the sample is analyzed, we will send you and your care provider a Compass™ report (Complications Propensity Assessment) that explains your specific risk and leads the way to personalized treatments and improved outcomes. 



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