Physicians and other healthcare providers can now request patient testing for propensity to diabetic nephropathy

It is widely recognized that your patients with diabetes are likely to have varying susceptibility to the development of debilitating diabetes related nephropathy. A significant problem that you and patients with diabetes face is the 5-20 year "silent phase" after onset of diabetes, when you can not differentiate the high susceptibility sub-group from a relatively protected sub-group when both have no apparent clinical symptoms. Until now, we have not been able to predict which patients are most likely to develop these complications, and hence we have been unable to tailor medical treatment to an individual patient’s needs.  Also, by the time symptoms are apparent, it is often too late to change the outcome, even with more aggressive treatment. Patients who are unaware of their risks are often complacent and unresponsive when knowledge of this risk would prompt more attentive behavior that with your help could dramatically change their outcome. Our overarching objective is to fundamentally improve your ability to care for your patients with diabetes by providing commercially available diagnostic tests that will predict individual propensity to diabetic complications. These unique tests fill an essential, unmet need, providing you and patients with the information necessary to make proactive, individualized decisions about diabetes care.

You can now request testing for your patients:

PreventAGE Health Care has recently received CLIA certification, and can now offer clinical blood testing for specific Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs) that can predict risk of early diabetic kidney disease.  We will also provide you and your patients with an individualized Compass™ (Complications Propensity Assessment) report that will indicate the risk of future kidney disease progression based on our unique database.  This information is intended to be used by you, and your patients with diabetes, to predict risk, personalize treatments, and above all to improve outcomes.

How do I order the test?

Please fill out the test request form below.

Please return the completed form to PreventAGE Health Care via one of the following:

By Mail:
PreventAGE Health Care, LLC
Dartmouth Regional Technology Center
16 Cavendish Court
Lebanon, NH 03766 USA

By Email:

By Fax: (603) 643-5166

Office phone:  (603) 643-0217

We will send the sample collection kit and instructions on where you can have your patient’s blood drawn, or you can draw it in your own laboratory and send it to PreventAGE Health Care LLC following the instructions provided. We will send you a complete report once the test is completed in our laboratory. Pricing and information on insurance coverage will be provided.


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