Partner with PreventAGE for precision diagnostic tests to identify risk of diabetic complications

PreventAGE Health Care develops, validates and offers on a fee-for-service basis precision diagnostic tests to assess an individual diabetic patient’s risk of developing specific complications associated with the disease.   The tests identify the presence and amount of 10 biomolecules (biomarkers), advanced glycation end-products and oxidative products. In turn, these data are used to determine an individual’s risk profile. In PreventAGE Health Care’s CLIA certified clinical laboratory in Hanover, NH, these precision diagnostic tests are performed on blood, urine or tissue samples using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and methods.

As a Commercial Researcher developing new and innovative approaches to manage diabetes and its complications, having insights into the effectiveness and safety of different regimens used to treat diabetes and forestall the onset of specific complications could significantly enhance the value of your products and/or services. Furthermore, by offering physicians and patients the ability to tailor treatment regimens in such a way as to meet an individual’s needs you will be able to provide a more cost efficient and potentially more effective health care solution.

PreventAGE Health Care is interested in helping to support all aspects of the development and commercialization of products (pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices) and services targeted toward meeting the needs of patients with diabetes. Please contact us at to learn how we may best serve your needs.