Partner with PreventAGE for Precise Measurement of Advanced Glycation and Oxidation Products for Your Research Program

PreventAGE Health Care is pleased to be the first to offer to commercial researchers the ability to measure a unique set of 10 advanced glycation and oxidation products that have proved to add highly useful information to clinical trials and basic research programs. Our precision diagnostic tests offer information regarding mechanistic pathways resulting in diabetic complications and will provide you with important predictive information on risk as well as potential targets for new therapies.

As a Commercial Researcher your goals are to develop new and innovative approaches to managing diabetes and its complications and gaining insights into the effectiveness and safety of different treatment regimens used to forestall the onset of diabetic complications. Information gained by the use of our tests in your research studies will . significantly enhance the value of your products and services. In addition, the ability to identify patients at high risk with our biomarkers could diminish the size, shorten the timeframe and reduce overall clinical trial costs.

While PreventAGE's overarching objective is to fundamentally change the care of patients with diabetes and thereby improve their outcomes, we believe that there are multiple connections between the biomarkers we are able to quantify precisely and degenerative diseases.  Our analytical service can also add value to understanding any number of degenerative outcomes and are being applied to multiple research applications, in multiple fields.

We are excited about the potential of our unique services for diabetes research and in multiple areas of clinical investigation, and welcome inquiries to discuss application to your projects.