PreventAGE Health Care was founded with the goal of fundamentally improving diabetes care by providing patients and doctors with the necessary tools to predict and more effectively manage diabetic complications. Built on over two decades of complications-focused research, our unique technologies are built to provide individual risk profiles and stimulate development of therapeutic approaches to delay or arrest complications arising from diabetes.


Diabetes is a pandemic that touches all corners of the globe and all types of people. The complications brought on by diabetes are life-threatening and consume the vast majority of expenditures and efforts applied to manage diabetes patient care. These complications include kidney disease, heart disease, stroke, blindness, and vascular problems that can result in amputations.

On 11 June 2012 at the American Diabetes Association 72nd Scientific Sessions, PreventAGE Chief Scientific Officer Paul J. Beisswenger, MD of Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine presented ground-breaking research showing that three biomarkers have significant predictive value for progression to diabetic nephropathy. This research paves the way for PreventAGE to offer simple blood tests that assess patient risk of developing diabetic complications.

After decades of focused research, PreventAGE Health Care, LLC was established in 2012. The team has operated out of PreventAGE's laboratory and offices in Lebanon, New Hampshire since the company's inception.