PreventAGE Health Care was founded with the goal of fundamentally improving diabetes care by providing patients and doctors with the necessary tools to predict and more effectively manage diabetic complications. Built on over two decades of longitudinal research, the PreventAGE test generates individual risk profiles that can lead to personalized treatment programs and support new therapeutic approaches to delay or arrest complications arising from diabetes.


Diabetes is a growing pandemic that touches all corners of the globe and all types of people. The complications brought on by diabetes are life-threatening and consume the vast majority of expense and efforts applied to manage diabetes patient care. These complications include kidney disease, heart disease, stroke, blindness, and vascular problems that can result in amputations. The cost of diabetes to worldwide healthcare systems is enormous. The cost of diabetes in the US alone is $327 billion per year, and these costs are expected to increase exponentially as more and more Americans are diagnosed with diabetes.

PreventAGE has developed a blood-based test that alerts patients with diabetes to their personal risk of developing the two most lethal and ravaging diabetic complications- kidney and cardiovascular disease- years before those complications clinically present. Using cutting-edge technologies and biomarker analysis, patients and their caregivers can learn who is in danger and make treatment plans to prevent or delay onset. After analyzing a routinely taken blood sample, patients and caregivers receive a Compass™ report (Complications Propensity Assessment) that explains patient risk and leads the way to personalized treatments, improved outcomes, and reduced overall healthcare costs.

PreventAGE Health Care is the result of decades of focused research by Dartmouth Professor Emeritus Paul Beisswenger, MD, based on the most comprehensive longitudinal diabetes studies ever done, including the DCCT/EDIC.  By identifying and validating the predictive biomarkers responsible for complications, then developing a reliable and accurate test, PreventAGE Health Care has moved the important outcomes of the studies from the research stage into the hands of healthcare providers.  The team operates out of PreventAGE's CLIA certified laboratory and offices in Lebanon, New Hampshire.